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English vocabulary dating, english teacher melanie

English Vocabulary: Dating

A relationship begins when two people start Dating. Sometimes the relationship is easy. Other times, you have no idea what is happening. Are you together? Are you just friends? What’s going on?

Here is some English vocabulary you can use to talk about dating someone.

Have a date (with someone)

A Date is an evening or other occasion when you spend time with someone that you want to start a romantic relationship with, or someone that you are in a romantic relationship with.

A Date is an event like going to the movies, going to a party or a dance, or going to a restaurant for dinner.

I have A date with Jamie tonight!

Do you have A date for Valentine’s Day?

A Date can also be the person that you have a date with. You can have a date for an event.

Who’s Your date for the prom?

My date is picking me up at 7:30pm.

Go on a date (with someone)

This means the same thing as have a date with someone.

I went On a date with him once. It was kind of boring.

I’m going on a date on Saturday.

In the above verb phrases, Date is used as a noun. In this case, With is used to indicate that there is someone else on the Date too. The collocation is not date with someone.

Date (someone)

Date can also be used as a verb. It has a couple of meanings as a verb.

It could mean that you go on several dates with someone:

I’m dating an incredible guy right now!

We Dated a couple times but it wasn’t serious.

It could mean doing the activity in general:

I’m tired of Dating losers. I want a real man!

He Dated a few women in college, but they weren’t serious relationships.

She prefers to Date older men.

It could also mean that you are in a romantic relationship with someone. When Date is used as a verb, don’t use With. Date is followed by a person:

I’ve been Dating him for 4 months.
X : I’ve been dating with him for 4 months.

She’s Dating Ken.
X : She’s dating with Ken.

Go out (with someone)

This is another verb phrase that has many meanings.

It could mean that you are spending time with friends:

I’m going out with the girls tonight!

It could mean that you are going on a date with someone:

I’m going out with Adam tonight. It’s our first date!

We’re Going out for dinner and then a movie.

I’m going out with Fred tonight. We’re going to the U2 concert.

It could also mean that you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time:

I’ve been going out with him for 2 ½ years.

See (someone)

This is the phrase to use when you don’t know if the relationship is serious or not. It is often used in the structure Be seeing someone.

We’re seeing each other.
(We’re dating.)

Are you seeing anyone right now?
(Are you dating anyone right now?)

He wants to See other people.
(He wants to date you and other people, too.)

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