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Preference #23 he s your brother s best friend and

Zayn: You walked out to the reception, looking around for someone you knew. Your brother decided to throw a huge wedding, inviting tons of people, you haven’t even met yet. You felt a tap on your shoulder, turning around. “Hi, you must be (YN), (Y/B/N)’s sister. I’m Zayn.” You smiled, shaking his hand. “Yeah, and you must be the best man. I’ve heard lots about you.” He smiled back, “Do you care to dance?” “I’d love too.” You said, taking his hand. A slow song started as you took his hand, Zayn leading you to the dance floor. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist, taking slow steps, back and forth. You looked into his eyes, getting lost in thought. He did the same, smiling back. The song ended, so you walked back over to the table, noticing something sticking out of one of the pockets of your purse. You pulled out the small piece of paper, seeing a number written on it.

Niall: You and Niall had been dating for 6 months, so you took him to meet your parents for the first time as a couple. “So Niall, I never heard the story on how the two of you met. I knew you’re good friends with (Y/B/N), but the the two of you never met before right?” Your mom asked. He smiled, grabbing your hand under the table, “No we never had the chance to meet before but we actually met at his wedding. I was to shy to ask her to dance but (Y/B/N) practically made me.” He laughed. You rubbed circles with your thumb over his hand, as he continued to tell the story on how you gave him your number and how nervous he was on the first date. You got up and begun to help your mom clean up, “He’s the one, mom.” You said quietly. She smiled, “I thought you might say that. You know he won us over.” She laughed. You smiled back, looking over at him from across the room, talking to your father. He caught you staring, smirking back at you. You blushed, looking down, overwhelmed with joy.

Louis: “(YN), I want to introduce you to someone.” You turned to face your brother, nodding. You walked with him as he led you to his best friend. “Louis, I want you to meet my little sister (YN). (YN), this is Louis.” Louis looked over at you, winking, making you blush. “Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you.” He said, holding out his hand. You shook it, “Hi Louis.” You said shyly. He made you weak in the knees, which is something you had never experienced before. You took a step back, tripping over one of the cords, falling backwards, flat on your ass. Your cheeks burned as Louis held out his hand yet again, “You might want to watch out for that cord behind you.” He laughed, as he helped you up. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.” You said, finally laughing. “Do you want to dance?” Louis said as the music started playing. “Yeah, that would be nice.” You said following him to the huge group of people already dancing on the dance floor. You were a horrible dancer, so you did your best to blend in. “That’s not dancing! Come on.” Louis said, grabbing your hands, spinning you around. You laughed as you continued to dance with Louis until you noticed the time. It was already 2 o’ clock in the morning. It felt like the night just started as people were already leaving. You went to grab your purse but someone stepped in front of you. You looked up to see Louis, “You can’t honestly think your leaving without my number?” He said. You laughed as he gave you his number, going back to the small group still dancing.

Liam: You walked to the cocktail table with your best friends and sisters. You all took shot after shot, until you weren’t in control of your body anymore. You made your to the dance floor, noticing one really hot guy. Your vision was blurry, unable to make out who it was. You started dancing with him, get closer and closer in contact. He grabbed your hips as you began to grind up and down on him. The rest of the night was fuzzy. You woke up, walking into the lobby of the hotel, having a massive hangover. A familiar looking guy walked over to you. “Hey (YN), did you sleep well last night.” “Um what?” “Do you remember what happened last night?” You shook your head, “What did I do?” You asked, starting to worry that you did something you would regret. “Oh nothing like that. We just danced. I’m Liam, by the way.” You smiled, “So your Liam.” You laughed, remembering all the stories, you heard from your brother. He laughed, “So (Y/B/N) mentioned me.” “Oh yeah. If you don’t mind, what did I do last night?” “Well, you were very drunk and started dancing with me and then you passed out. I carried you up to your room.” You face palmed, “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have drunk so much. I’m so embarrassed…” “It’s ok, nobody really noticed.” “Well, I should probably go apologize to (Y/B/N).” “Ok, I’ll see you around then.” “Ok, bye!” You said, running to find your brother.

Harry: You stood in the front of the church, waiting to walk down the aisle. You were honored to hear that your future sister in law, wanted you to be her maid of honor. It took you no time to say yes. Now you were very nervous that you would trip or do something embarrassing. You noticed the first few bridesmaids getting walked down the aisle by groomsmen, nerves setting in. “Hi, I’m Harry. You ready?” You looked up to see Harry holding out his arm. You took a deep shaky breath, nodding. You took his arm, walking towards the door. “There’s no need to be nervous.” He whispered. “What if I fall?” “I’ll be here to catch you, you’ll be fine.” You smiled as the doors opened, starting to walk down the aisle.

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