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Things to watch out for before dating, or while dating

Things to Watch Out for Before Dating, or While Dating

If you are planning on dating, you have to know a few things, I wish I could name all the things to look out for before jumping in, but this article would be too long in order for me to do so. I had to learn the hard way, about what to look for, after coming across some really strange people. I wasn’t given any courses on this, my mother did not warn me about the things to look out for, and this was all cold hard experience.

They say experience is the best teacher, I don’t think that is all true, I think a lot of things can be prevented if we know just what to look for, and what to avoid.

We all need to know what signs are good for us, and what are not. I hate to say this, but some signs are really good for no one to engage in, let me explain that. If someone is really a problematic person, and have some psychological problems then that person has some issues within them that any healthy, or unhealthy person do not need to be apart of in a relationship. People need to stop being so desperate for attention, and desperate because they are lonely, and feel that they need someone so badly, that they would fall for anyone. Sometimes it is healthy for you to step back, and take a look at what you are getting into, and who you are getting involved with. I see this especially in cases of women who are looking for a partner, I won’t label this strictly to women, because I do believe that there are some men out there who are sincere, and are kind, and want a good relationship, but continue to fall in the same loop hole like some women who are out there, and keep falling for these same old bad relationships.

At some point you have to analyze yourself to see what it is about you, that you keep falling for someone who is problematic, and keep getting sucked up in this same old kind of person, who is obviously no good for you, and the relationship.

There are those of us out here, who know that we have no bad intentions for anyone. We believe in the term, live and let live. But this is not what we are getting in return, we are getting complications, and problems and we can’t understand why this continue to take place. This is happening in my opinion, because we are not taking the time to really evaluate ourselves, nor are we really evaluating the type of person we choose to get involved with. Once we learn to slow down, and really see who this person is, and what they are all about, then we can know what signs are staring us in the face.

We can no longer continue to shove the signs under the carpet, and pretend to think they don’t exist. When we do this, we are only fooling ourselves, we are not fooling anyone else, because what is there, is there, and if you ignore it, it won’t go away, you just choose to pretend not to see it, and one day when it comes out the carpet, you are going to be forced to see it, because it is going to be right there in your face, and God forbid if you have any children, they would be forced to deal with it as well.

I don’t mean to be too blunt, or cold, but I have to lay the facts out there. It is better to have someone tell you the truth, and you check out the warning signs, then to tell you something that is not truth, and you get into a bad relationship that may even be able to cost you your life. We all see the news everyday, these things do happen, and it gets that far, because someone did not see the warning signs, or saw them and refused to believe what they were seeing.

I am saying all this to say, please do yourself one favor, slow down and start looking for warning signs such as anger, annoyance, aggravation, stalking, always wanting to argue, people who are too pushy, selfishness, selfishness may not always be with material things, it can be with their time. Look for people who always want their own way, and the list goes on and on, if you can find warning signs with these, you can usually detect other bad behaviors. Do you another favor, don’t always look to see if someone is so cute, and if they have the right body, for we know serious killers who had these profiles, these are not what makes a good relationship, and do not please fall for the good talker, for a good talker can be a scam artist. It is better to see if their actions are matching their many words.

Once we watch for the signs that are not healthy in a relationship, we know that we cannot engage ourselves and our loved ones to people who are not right for us, this way we can learn to pick healthier people to get involved with, which in tern makes a healthy relationship.

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