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This girl thinks she is dating tal


Keke_ Reacts: Both of you guys lying..you wish you guys were dating him tho -_-

Leanna Rizor: Dummy

Bunny Business: YOU are not a CHILD he is not your boyfriend

Bunny Business: You are exactly the same as her, Fact 1:both big liars
Fact 2:both want attention

Girl Power: To be ohnest u r worse

Itz Louella: So everyone wants subscribers now?

🎶You just want attention🎶
-Charlie Puth

Tanasia Reid: You do realize your not dating him either right

Princess404Pink: SHUT THE FUCK UP

Royal Cat: He’s not your boyfriend either

Thunder gameing 256: Okay shity I mean chimty your not dating him cuz you dumped him

Thunder gameing 256: He’s not your boyfriend

11 years of art: Her makeup tho.

Theboxboy box: ok this is soo funny i remember when i watched tall’s frist vid of you soooooooo funny

Crazy_ ksenija: Ok listen shmitty no more how much you hate them NEVER say that they have a disability if they don’t have it and girl clean your bed (ik this was 2 years ago but idc)

JohnnyCash Fan: You want Attention and attention ONLY

Heeya Shah: Are all Australians supposed to be stupid? Or is it just genetic?

Z1O6R 8G3O: U both love attention. I ship sneakyneak with shmitty. Weow it’s a perfect match 🤗👌🏼

Nova!: No one is tals GF

Ashl1324: She isnt dating her nor you

Bianca Sanchez Carbajal: I really hate how she just said she had down syndrome thats pretty messeed up

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