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What – s the best free philippines dating site or app

Famous dating apps in the philippines

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I think I can answer this one properly hehehe

First things first, I am still single and I am still a stray thats why I used this dating apps on my phone or laptop. Secondly I just wanted to be friends with others and get to know other people, going back to the question, here is my list 🙂

Tinder – it totally works, you can actually get good matches, you have a variety of choices to swipe left or right, sometimes tinder can show up your classmate depending on your given location. NearGroup on Messenger – Simply search for it on your messenger and voila! it can take minutes for tinder to pair you as it actually evaluates your traits and what are your standards, it is like a mobile blind date, and I mean literally, because the platform doesn’t let you see the person you are conversing with.

Those are just the ones I find effective even though I still havent found her hehehe but you know, God’s timing is always the best, Goodluck 🙂

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